Psychology Professor and Three Students Publish New Article

Dr. Mary Gomes, Professor of Psychology, and three Psychology students published a new article in the journal Teaching of Psychology.
November 30, 2020
Mary Gomes

Dr. Mary Gomes, Professor of Psychology, and three Psychology students (Lychelle Kime, Jessica M. Bush, and Austin B. Myers) published a new article in the journal Teaching of Psychology titled "The Electronic Media Fast and Student Well-Being: An Exercise in Transformational Teaching

Mounting evidence suggests that high levels of media use are associated with a range of negative psychological outcomes. This paper presents instructions for a four-day electronic media fast assigned in a course module on positive psychology. Drawing from student accounts and direct classroom observations, the authors illustrate student experiences that suggest substantial positive changes in learning, media habits, and well-being. Their results suggest that an electronic media fast is an easily implemented class assignment that enables students to reflect on their media use and make adjustments to support their learning and well-being. It is appropriate for use in a range of undergraduate psychology courses including introductory psychology, social psychology, psychology of adolescence, and positive psychology. When undertaken with a flexible, sensitive, and collaborative approach, a media fast can be a powerfully transformative learning experience.