Students! Learn to Think Like a Social Scientist with SSCI 299

April 15, 2021
SSCI 299 Thinking Like a Social Scientist

The School of Social Sciences is offering two sections of SSCI 299: Thinking Like a Social Scientist for Fall 2021, class numbers 1222 and 1223.

Open to all second-year students and new transfer students from any major, SSCI 299 invites students to explore the world of social science and the critical value of social scientific thinking and research for understanding ourselves, our communities, and the world. In this small class, students work closely with professors and peer facilitators to learn about the approaches different social scientists take to important issues and what we share in our evidence-based research and teaching. Students will practice the research, social science literacy, and teamwork skills that employers most value; work in teams to develop research designs on topics of interest; and develop "focused exploration" skills to support them in the second half of their college careers as they affirm their academic interests, expand their co-curricular activities, and explore career paths. Each section in Fall 2021 will be hybrid, meeting on campus and online for discussion and group work. Fulfills GE Area E and is an excellent foundation for upper-division work in any social science major. For more information, please contact Professor Michelle Jolly at

SSCI 299 Thinking Like a Social Scientist flyer