Social Sciences Model UN Team

May 13, 2022
SSU LAMUN students

For the first time ever, Sonoma State sent a delegation of ten students to the Los Angeles Model UN (LAMUN), hosted by UCLA, from April 20-24, 2022. The conference is unique among MUN simulations in that the primary focus is on "crisis committees"-- fast paced, hyperdynamic experiences in which the situation is constantly unfolding. Our students sat on the UNSC crisis committee that simulated the Congo crisis of the 1960s, a Joint Crisis Committee called "Earth vs. Mars" that was inspired by the universe of the well-known book and tv series "The Expanse", and an MI6 Crisis Committee that brought all the intrigue and drama of the Cold War era. We also had students on the more traditional General Assembly committees of UN Women and the Special Political Committee, and one student who served on the very unique "MLM" committee, which debated creative ways of rebranding multi-level marketing schemes. Because the pandemic put a pause on travel for a couple of years, all of the student delegates from SSU were first-timers, and the entire experience was extracurricular, requiring a lot of individual-level dedication and commitment. Professor and MUN Faculty Advisor Cynthia Boaz from POLS says that the experience was invaluable: "MUN is a fantastic opportunity for our students to push themselves out of their comfort zones and to get practice with public speaking, policy writing, networking and lobbying, and innovating solutions on the spot. Although some of the students felt intimidated at first by the fast-paced nature of the committees, everyone put their best foot forward and ended up having a truly fulfilling experience. I'm very proud of them. We are grateful to the support we have received from the university, Dean Carlton, and Mr. Davis Campbell, and I look forward to SSU's continued tradition of MUN excellence." 

Daniel Olivas stated that "meeting all these different people from around the country talking about our different experience and what they enjoy and care for is remarkable. It's something I wish more students would be a part of."

"Model United Nations was unlike anything I have ever done in terms of extracurricular activities at Sonoma State. It challenged me in ways that I was not expecting, and was an incredibly intense weekend," -Lydia Maldonado

"We all went in unsure of what exactly we would experience, since none of us had ever participated in any MUN and LAMUN is markedly different from NMUN, which is where SSU normally participates. Fortunately, we all prepared as best we could and I think we found the experience to be more fun and rewarding than we anticipated!" - Callie Adams, Head Delegate

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