Advising Forms

During this time of remote instruction, faculty will be advising and filling out forms digitally. The School would like to offer this temporary location for our faculty and advisors to find the commonly used forms and instructions in one location.

The Registrar's office is working on updated versions of forms, but some are still in transition.  Some of the updated forms will require a faculty member to login with their SSU credentials to complete, but the majority of forms will require you to download them to fill in and digitally sign in Adobe Acrobat.

Forms in Adobe Sign/Qualtrics

These forms have been updated to be filled out and routed through either Adobe Sign or Qualtrics.  They will be forwarded automatically for additional signatures, if required, and you should receive a final copy by email.

Please forward the final copy to your Department Staff to retain for records.

Academic Requirements Report (ARR) Update (faculty login required)
formerly the Major/Minor Course Substitution form
Change of Grade (faculty login required)
Change of Major - Impacted Majors (faculty login required)
Change of Major - Non-Impacted Majors (student form)
General Petition (student form)
Petition for Waiver of University Regulations
Graduation Application - Masters Degree (student form)
Leave of Absence (student form)
Petition to Take Extra Units (student form)
Petition to Withdraw from an Individual Class (student form/requires supporting documentation)
Withdrawal Completely from SSU (student login required)


Forms in Adobe Acrobat

These forms need to be filled out and digitally signed in Adobe Acrobat.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat on your home computer, you can download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

After selecting a form from the list below, you will still need to download it to your computer to fill in and sign digitally in Adobe Acrobat.  Here are instructions to assist you: Digital Signature Instructions for Adobe Acrobat.

If a student is unable to digitally sign the form an email acknowledgement accompanying the form is acceptable.

Please route these forms through your Department Staff and let them know if you have further questions.

Course Repeat Exceptions
Faculty Requested Drop
GE Substitution
Graduation Application - Undergraduates
Petition of Time Conflict
Petition to Add (After Posted Deadline)
Special Study


See the Registrar's Forms & Petitions website for additional forms.