Social Justice Organizing class Information Session 2

  • Do you have a passion for social justice? Looking for ways to make a difference with your learning? Want to connect with your SSU community?
  • SSU’s Social Justice Organizing spring 2022 class is recruiting students who want to:
    • contribute to Social Justice
    • network with practitioners and employers
    • Develop event planning capabilities
    • Improve social media, web-design, and video skills
    • Make a podcast
  • Have other contribution ideas 
  • Join former Social Justice class students Jamilah Shimi, Shannon Ottens, and Danielle Caballero to hear about the class and what it is like to participate in social justice week
  • Until then, see what we are all about and connect with us at  Instagram @ssusocialjusticeweek Twitter  @SsuWeek Youtube @Good Work SSU Tik Tok @GoodWorkUniversity Facebook

Session 2: Nov 10th 5-6PM Register for Zoom Here 

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