The Neves Evans Social Justice Lecture Series

Andrea Neves with Angela Davis on March 3, 2020
Andrea Neves, sponsor of the Neves Evans
Social Justice Lecture Series, with Angela
Davis on March 3, 2020

Social justice research and advocacy is central to the mission of the School of Social Sciences. It is also at the heart of a $250,000 endowment made to Sonoma State University by SSU Professor Emeritus H. Andréa Neves and her late husband Barton Evans. The couple of been longtime supporters of education programs, including building classrooms and teacher residences and funding secondary school and undergraduate scholarships in Tanzania. Dr. Neves has served on numerous boards, including the Scripps College Board of Trustees, the International Fulbright Association Board of Directors, the Stanford University School of Education Advisory Board, the Claremont McKenna College Berger Institute for Work, Family and Children, and the Sonoma State University Foundation. 

The endowment, generously provided by Dr. Neves and her husband, supports the H. Andréa Neves and Barton Evans Social Justice Lecture Series at Sonoma State University, a joint venture of the School of Social Sciences and the School of Education. Each year the series invites a distinguished and inspiring speaker to address the topic of social justice in a public lecture for the campus and greater community. 

Please return to this page for announcements on future installments of the Neves Evans Social Justice Lecture Series. You can also enjoy videos from previous lectures:

Videos from Previous Neves Evans Lectures

ANGELA DAVIS, March 2020

Angela Davis headshot


 "An Evening with Angela Davis"




CHARLES BLOW, February 2019

Charles Blow headshot


 "Selected Highlights from An Evening with Charles Blow​"




RALPH NADER, March 2018

Ralph Nader headshot


 "One Person Can Make a Difference: Social Justice and World Affairs"




RICHARD WOLFF, February 2017

Richard Wolff headshot


 "Our Economic Future: Teaching Real Choices"




MIRA SORVINO, February 2016

Mira Sorvino headshot


 "Human Trafficking"





Dolores Huerta headshot


 "An Evening with Dolores Huerta"




CORNEL WEST, April 2013

Cornel West headshot


 "An Evening with Cornel West"

 (video is posted in segments: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5)




Michael Kirst headshot


"California K-12 Education: Challenges and Solutions"




JAMAICA KINCAID, February 2011

Jamaica Kincaid headshot


 "In a Small Place: Reading and Writing"





Martin Carnoy headshot


 "Educational Equity and Social Justice as Smart Economic Policy: An International Perspective"




JULIAN BOND, March 2009

Julian Bond headshot


 "The Road to Freedom: From Alabama to Obama"




ALEJANDRO TOLEDO, September 2008

Alejandro Toledo headshot


 "A New Social Agenda for Democracy"




MORRIS DEES, March 2008

Morris Dees headshot


 "With Justice for All"




LANI GUNIER, February 2007

Lani Gunier headshot


 "Rethinking Race & Class: A New Vision of Social Justice"




JONATHAN KOZOL, November 2005

Jonathan Kozol headshot


 "The Shame of a Nation"