General Education

GE Patterns

Each student must complete a minimum of 48 units of coursework from 5 different areas of study in order to satisfy the GE requirement for a Bachelor's degree. Please refer to the appropriate General Education requirements based on the year you matriculated at SSU:

GE Petition

Have you taken a course that you think fulfills the requirements of an SSU GE area? You can complete a Petition for a GE Course.

GE Advising

Need help deciding which GE course(s) to take? 

Ryan Walsh in the Advising and Transfer Center helps all lower-division Social Science majors!! Ryan is a professional advisor who advises on General Education and lower-division major requirements.

Upper-division Social Science majors may also see a Professional Advisor in The Advising & Transfer Center for help with General Education. Schedule an appointment through their Remote Advising page!