School of Social Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series - Wenwen Ni, Psychology

Join us for another School of Social Sciences Brown Bag lecture on Monday, November 29th at 12 pm with Wenwen Ni, Assistant Professor of Psychology, who will be discussing her recent research, Consequences of the Perceived Controllability of Social Class. 

How do perceptions of social class influence how people think and feel about others from different social class backgrounds? Does it matter whether we think of social class as being due to individual factors within a person's control, or societal and structural factors that are outside of a person's control? In this Brown Bag talk, Dr. Wenwen Ni will discuss her research project examining whether the framing of social class as being either a controllable or uncontrollable social identity affects how people from different social class backgrounds are viewed.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fall 2021 Brown Bag Series will take place via Zoom. Please join us:

The School of Social Sciences Brown Bag Series is always free, open to faculty, staff, students, and the public, and provides a congenial interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of recent research by School of Social Sciences faculty. 

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