Professor Participates in Virtual Roundtable on Decolonizing Bioarchaeology

November 18, 2021
Logo of 2021 Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association

On Friday, November 19th, Dr. Alexis Boutin, Professor of Anthropology, is running a virtual roundtable (co-organized with Dr. Ann Kakaliouras, Whittier College) called "Decolonizing Bioarchaeology: Responsibilities to the Past, Present, and Future". It is bringing together 12 scholars from universities, museums, and tribal nations in the US and Canada. In the roundtable, we ask what difficult truths still need to be revealed about bioarchaeology’s past and that of its sister fields, skeletal biology, and forensic anthropology. We confront the structural, community, and individual violence bioarchaeology has perpetrated over its history, and we take responsibility for these acts. We recognize the inherent merit of calls for repatriation, redress, and restitution coming from multiple and heterogeneous archaeological collectives and descendant communities. Along with our responsibilities to the past, we also consider what bioarchaeologists can do to actively deconstruct bioarchaeology’s colonialist legacy as part of standard disciplinary practice today and in the future.

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